Saturday, January 5, 2013

Deitrick Haddon's Baby and Fiance


Hello Family, 
Yes, It's true Our very own brother Deitrick has done the right thing...In my opinion... He has brought out of darkness something that the devil would want to use to bring this great Gospel singer down.  He is now divorced from his now ex-wife Damita Haddon. He is moving on with his life.  We may not have all the details, but you don't need them.  He is at peace with God.  He is Forgiven...God has already forgiven him for whatever he may have done to sin against him, so who are we to continue to hold this against him.  Let him live in peace with his family.  Deitrick, I pray that God continues to bless you and your family.  We all have sinned and come short of the Glory of God.  We repent, and ask God for forgiveness and we move on with our Life in Christ to the best of our ability. 

So Family,   Let's keep Damita Haddon in our prayers as well, I know her to be a powerful woman of God and she will be alright in Jesus Name.  God Bless you.

Deitrick Haddon and His Fiance and Baby  Destin Monet Haddon

This is what Deitrick had to say on his Facebook page:

"I said a few days ago that i could write a best seller on 2012 alone & i think i will!!! 2012 wasn't the worst year of my life because 2011 beat it out hands down. In 2012 i began to see God move in my world like I've never seen in my entire life... I can say 2012 was the most challenging year @ the same time the greatest year of my life because in the midst of all the darkness & depression that seemed to have no end God sent an angel to give me hope in the form of my baby girl.. Yes she was born out of wedlock which is absolutely wrong for a man in my shoes....but i must say that If it wasn't for that child & her mother the negative headlines about Deitrick Haddon would have been more devastating than anything!!! The enemies agenda in 2012 wasn't to give me a bad name but he wanted to take me out. That's when i realized if the enemy is trying this hard to stop me God has something serious that he wants me to accomplish; so i fought hard physically & spiritually!!! God has delivered me in many ways this year.. He walked me through the storm, chastised me but never once judged me, but instead he forgave me,restored me & somehow gave me the strength to continue to sing his gospel when i said i wouldn't do it because i felt unworthy! My new year's focus is to leave all the negative energy behind, own my mistakes, but do not allow it to hinder my future!!! By doing so I will stay true to the call on my life but do it with more fire, passion, humility & love than i've ever done it before.In addition, be the best father to my beautiful daughter and be the great husband i know i can be to my future wife & Give God all Glory! Goodbye 2012 & hello 2013 Leeeeeggggooooo (Disclaimer: This post is not up for discussion and I ask that you keep all negative comments to yourselves.) This is the last this will ever be addressed because i'm moving 4ward in 2013 in Jesus name!!"

Here she is: Destin Monet Haddon

Deitrick's Caption on Facebook: 

"My angel, Destin Monet Haddon, the most important little lady in my life! Thank you for your kind comments please keep us lifted. God Bless!"

Deitrick Haddon  he is an Awesome preacher, singer and Actor.....Anointed by God.

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